HTC plans to release Android 4.4 for HTC One in the coming months

Google announced Android KitKat 4.4 yesterday and mentioned which Nexus models will be liable for an upgrade. But what's gonna happen with the flagship models from other companies?


HTC mentioned recently (through its HTC America President, Jason Mackenzie) that its HTC One Google Play Edition flagship will be ready for the update in the coming two weeks. The normal HTC One will follow in the coming 90 days in the US, something that tells us that the European update will come even sooner! The KitKat update will be incorporated in the recent Sense 5.5 UI but we have no more info regarding the matter.

In addition Kason Mackenzie mentioned that HTC plans to release Android 4.4 for some other phones like HTC One Max and One mini but we will have more info in the following weeks.

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