No, Galaxy Nexus won't be upgraded to Android 4.4

Well it looks like the older Nexus, (Google Galaxy Nexus) won't be getting any KitKat (Android 4.4) love from Google, since the US company announced that it will not be among the Nexus models that are planned for an upgrade.


This came as a surprise to be honest, since the device could easily run the Android 4.4 OS since it has 1GB of RAM and it's quite powerful, not to mention that it is a "Nexus" model. However Google mentioned that all of its models have an 18 month year of upgrades, something that leaves Galaxy Nexus left alone. In addition we also found out that Galaxy Nexus packs a special chip from Texas Instruments, a company that has ceased to design such chips, so this could make the support of the device go so... wrong in the future.

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