Google's barge mystery finally solved?

Truth is that Google's mystery barge that has anchored near San Francisco has made several people ask themselves what the US based company plans to do with it. Some thought it was a floating data center, and others that it was going to house a Google Glass store.  However there are new info from CBS regarding the matter that insist on the fact that Google is preparing luxurious indoor events with invites only, for all those specials who wish to see up close and personal the new gadgets from Google X laboratory.

Mystery Barge Construction Project Rumored To Google Project

CBS mentioned that Google has been preparing this area for almost a year now and Sergey Brin is in charge! Some people have already gotten on board and said that the first 3 floors has stunning showcase areas along with a bar, an atrium and other places suitable for parties! Still if a genie were to give us one and only wish, this would be to enter Google X lab and not this barge.

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