ARM announces new Mali T-Series GPUs

ARM announced yesterday its 3rd generation of Mali T-Series GPUs. The high end GPU of the series (Mali T760) packs 16 cores but has 25% less energy consumption than today's T628 model. In addition ARM's Frame Buffer Compression reduces all bandwidth demands more than half. Mali T760 GPU is being constructed using the 28nm technology and runs @ 700MHz, offering a fill rate of 1.39GTriangles/s and 11.2GPixels/s. 


According to ARM, T720 was built especially for Android OS and includes OpenGL ES 3.0. The GPU runs @ 600MHz with a fill rate at 533MTriangles/s and 4,8GPixels/s. ARM says that half of all tablets in the market today use Mali GPUs and about 20% of smartphones use them as well.

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