The game developer who became a street seller and gains double the money he used to!

Do you think that all these game developers gain a lot of money at the end of each month? Do you think that everyone drives a Cadillac, goes to Malibu for holidays and have a 24/7 personal coach? In USA, Canada and Europe the situation may be bearable, but in some other countries of the world things are different.


Tencent reported a story from China, where a programer in a company with internet games, decided to resign from his job after the excessive hours of work which caused him health problems. "The hours a developer had to work are many and difficult and many times we have to do overtime, even the enthusiasm we had from the launch of Yuan Zheng Online was huge" he says.

As an unemployed, the man decided with the help of his girlfriend to make shaobing (little stuffed breads) and then sell them. The results of his business? Super! He has reached the point at which he gains $3,259 per month (and we are talking about China!), to buy his own apartment and make savings in order to marry his girlfriend!

The fun part is that this amount exceeds twice his salary when he worked as a game developer ...

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