These are the masks of the special forces of Taiwan... made form from Kevlar!

The new uniforms used by the men of the special forces in Taiwan seem like they have been "pulled" from a science fiction movie scenario. The photographic material belongs to Japan Digital, which gives us information on the use of this terrifying mask made of Kevlar!


The masks that make the men of the special forces to look like the "bad" guys from comic books are there to protect them from shooting head injuries. Kevlar is used as bulletproof and can protect the user from shooting on contact from a Magnum 44. This does not mean that the soldier will not feel anything if someone shot him in the face. He will definitely suffer. But this mask will allow him to survive, even with an injury.


Besides their practical use, these masks have certainly another use: to scare the potential enemies. And it's true!


But these masks are not something new. They appeared for the first time during a parade in Taiwan years ago and seem to be used until now. According to experts in military equipment, the masks may provide safety of soldiers, but they seem to be extremely uncomfortable for breathing.

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