Edward Snowden goes for some "sightseeing" in Moscow and finds a new job

A photo of the former analyst of NSA, Edward Snowden, who took a temporary political asylum in August from Russia and is located in the country for some time now, shows him in a boat near the Cathedral of the Redeemer Christ in Moscow.


The photo which appears to have been shot during summer, is now released from the LifeNews after Snowden's lawyer, Anatoly Kucherena, informed the media that from November 1st Snowden will start his work in a large Russian site. This is good news for the 30-year old Snowden who currently lives mainly from donations, without having his own income.

The name of the site hasn't been disclosed for safety reasons, however, some people say that this may be the Vkontakte, a Russian site like Facebook, as it was leaked some time ago that Pavel Durov, the founder, had invited Snowden to work in his company in St. Petersburg.

All this is happening amidst new revelations of the former analyst which have been released, regarding the fact that NSA had managed to penetrate into the cloud systems of Google and Yahoo, thanks to project MUSCULAR, having with this way access to information and personal data of the users.

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