Keanu Reeves: The movies that have influenced his childhood

With the releasing of his new film in America, the Man of Tai Chi, in which he participates as an actor but also as the director, Keanu Reeves revealed at Moviefone, where he is the honored guest from October 28th until November 1st, the movies that influenced his childhood (he was born in 1964), movies that have particularly affected him and made him the person he is today. It seems that he had good taste...


Harold and Maude (1971)

The black comedy of Hal Ashby which made him literally laughing all the time. The Monty Python and the Holy Grail has his respects too.

 Star Wars (1977)

As a little boy he loved sci-fi literature and comics and the film gave him the opportunity to enjoy this concept in a huge screen!

 Eraserhead (1977)

He saw the movie poster and entered the cinema. Everything changed after this film. It was not the same child thanks to David Lynch.

 Peter O'Toole

Here says the films which Peter O'Toole starred have been a great inspiration for him to follow the same path. The Ruling Class, Becket, Lawrence of Arabia etc.

 Taxi Driver (1976)

A cinematic experience, a role which was at his level of taste, beauty and ambition.

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