The most "famous" but "anonymous" photographer of gaming consoles in the world

If at some time, you searched for photos that you can use to your page without restrictions, you might end up in Wikipedia Commons, where you will probably find what you are looking for. The only problem is that the photos won't always have the best quality, except of the ... gaming photos. What is happening?


The reason for that has a name ... Evan Amos. He is a photographer who likes to photograph consoles and other gaming systems, new and old, without gaining the credits. He uploads the pics on Wikipedia Commons, where everyone can get them and use them (from a site or an entire news agency). As he says, he began his career by shooting various pics, from meals and desserts to electronic staff, but he quickly focused on the videogame systems.

And as he realized that for many of the electronic systems, low-resolution photos existed on the Internet, he targeted to find more of them to shoot with high resolution that will stay forever.  He has made great efforts to do so and has come into contact with some collectors, in order to find rare gaming consoles to take their photos.


This period, a campaign on Kickstarter is running, which has caught the aim of the funding, in order to be able to create an "online gaming museum" that will include even the most rare gaming consoles. The video from the "campaign" says it all ...

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