Stalingrad: The russian "Soldier Ryan" makes an impression in ... China

Are you ready for the Russian version of Soldier Ryan? Maybe the director Fedor Bondarchuk didn't do it on purpose however the Stalingrad movie reminds us something from Steven Spielberg's movie. We are talking about the first big budget Russian production which is filmed in 3D and refers to the greater battle of the World War II, which was known from the town, where the Russian forces stopped the Nazis after the dramatic battles that were going on for six months.


The film which makes an impression in its country and already has earnings reaching 47.7 million dollars, now makes an impression in China, where in four days gained 8.3 million dollars, which makes it not only the largest Russian production in revenue in the region, but also the non-Chinese and non-American film with the best start in the country.

The film, which apart from the expected heroism of the Red Army, refers to an epic love story, is nominated for the Best Foreign Language Film at the Oscars Awards.

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