The clip which explains to children what a "video club" is (or was)

Do you remember the time that we were supposed to get out even if it was raining to go to the video club of our neighborhood, almost running to rent the last action movie that everyone was talking about?


Or if you didn't find it and you had to spend some time searching the next film that you would rent to watch it together with your family in the living room? And then you have to return the movie but to the video club while its sticker reminds you that if you delay the return you will pay more money?

The video made by Buzzfeed, is trying to explain to the younger generations how things were back then, when there was no internet connection or different displays for everyone nor streaming and torrents to make you stay on the sofa. Now, we have decided that it is better to be always in our home. But is it better? We warn you. If you're between the age of 30 and 40, a strong feeling of nostalgia will be the result of watching it.

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