How the world react to the first virus that was released on the internet some years ago

25 years ago, on 2 November 1988 at 8 o'clock in the morning (US time), the USA Defense Department thought that the Russians had started an attack. The first computer that began to behave strangely, was at MIT. Within a few hours, a virus had spread and affected 10% of all computers that existed in the world. 6000 computers, crashed. It was the virus that has shaped the internet in a way that we know now.


The virus that affected the computers then, was not a malicious software. It was just a wrong code. Robert Morris, a student in Cornel, made a program and accidentally made a worm which re-produced himself, with the result to be multiplied so many times that spread to all servers and made them crash.

The problem was not serious. As we said, it was not a malicious software. The computer users were really afraid and since then, we have reached the point where we are now, with viruses and antiviruses to mark the end of the internet's innocence.

Watch now an amazing video of the TV's reference to this incident and the people's reactions back then:

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