Internet Explorer 11 is availiable on Windows 7

Perhaps many of you have already installed Windows 8 (or even the 8.1 upgrade), but  if you've the Windows 7 OS, then Microsoft offers you Internet Explorer 11 for downloading in your PC.  The IE11 for Windows 7 is available for download in 95 countries, includes all the features of the Windows 8 version, except from the absence of the SPDY prototype support of Google.


According to Microsoft, the pages open 9% more faster than the IE10, while the new browser is 30% faster than the competing browsers, thanks to better Javascript performance.

In addition, according to the statistics from the NSS Labs, the IE can block 92% of the malware and phishing attacks on the World Wide Web, with the second highest rate of the Google Chrome in 71%, while the Safari and Firefox are at 37% and 35 % selectively.

You can download Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7 here.


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