Motorola wants to make a tattoo of your smartphone's microphone on your neck

Are you tired of holding the phone to your ear all the time? Ok, there are many solutions for that, however, it seems that Motorola is considering another way to change this, judging from a new patent, according to which you can have a ... microphone for your smartphone as a tattoo on... your neck!


As it is written in the application for the patent, this special "tattoo" picks up the vibrations directly from your throat to reduce the noise of the environment, and has the ability to send the audio to a smartphone or an other device, wirelessly. It is equipped with Bluetooth and NFC technology and can be rechargeable or not.

The patent application does not specify exactly if the tattoo will be permanent or just something that you can "stick" on you. If the first one is correct, there are a few of us who disagree to transform parts of our body into ... gadgets, but it's one side of the technology on which companies have turned their R&D, without this meaning that we will not see any solution on the market soon. There are a few times, that these ideas remain in laboratories and ... patents only.

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