Google Helpouts: Google launches support and help service from experts via video-chats

Google announced on Monday a new service, which is based on hangouts, with the name Helpouts, with a specific site which supports it and you can find it here.


Using Helpouts, the user will be able to type on the page "I need help with..." in order to have access to experts who can offer help in a question or a problem in a wide range of topics, from tips for computers to questions about... cooking.

Helpouts connects you live via a hangout chat with a specialist, who will give you the answers to your problem. Although some of them offer their services free of charge, the fee is usually per minute of chat, while Google takes a 20% commission from companies or experts who participate in the program. The payments are made through Google Wallet, and there is also an Android application here.

Watch more information regarding Helpouts in the following video from Google.

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