The plans of the city council of Los Angeles for free internet access to the entire city

What if among the "ambitious" projects and the priorities of the Greek prime minister is the free Wi-Fi in Greece during next year? It looks like somewhere in Los Angeles, the city council announced  the exact plan for free internet access in the city in the same period. The city council is preparing a RFP (request for proposal) for companies that want to win the procedure, in order to develop a broadband network in the city, which will provide free Internet access to all.


This quite ambitious project is "seeking" the company which will fully take over the cost of the infrastructure through an optic fibre network, but also all of the procedures to complete the project. This is a project which is estimated to cost around 3 to 5 billion dollars, in order to provide free internet access to all residents with speeds from 2 to 5 Mbps, free public hot spots throughout the city, but also paid access packages to individuals and businesses who want even higher speeds, which will reach up to a gigabit!

The procedure of proposal submission, according to the RFP, is expected to take more than one year, however, the plan is quite ambitious and all this speed access, is making us want to relocate to LA soon.


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