New images of the futuristic Campus 2 of Apple!

It is not so long ago that we talked about the new "headquarters" of Amazon, with the three glass balls to steal the show on mock-ups. Of course, most people are waiting to see the headquarters of Apple which are scheduled for delivery in 2016!


The "Infinite Loop", as it is called to look like a flying disk, s (of course) in Cupertino, California, will have four floors and will cover an area of 29 hectares (290,000 square meters), in  a space of 71 hectares and 80% of it will consist of open landscapes and vegetation. Various species of trees and plants (7,500 of them) will create a heavenly environment, where the lucky employees of Apple will work and which will be enjoyed by guests. An underground parking of  2,000 parking spots will be created under the circular building and according with the plan, all the facilities will be supplied by renewable energy sources!



The headquarters were designed by Steve Jobs and the architect Sir Norman Robert Foster, so the futuristic shape and the "vision" of its designer is evident. Glass and metal are prevalent, of course, in the construction, but better than to describe it, is simply to see it. See some of the digital images published by Foster and which have been uploaded on


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