Do you want a free ticket for metro? Then exercise more often!

As part of a Russian campaign, aiming to make people more healthy, because of the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, those who want to buy tickets at the station of Vystavochnaya in western Moscow can pay ... with gym exercises. In this way the passengers can have a free ticket by making 30 exercises known as "deep seat", instead of paying 30 rubles. They have two minutes to make the exercise in front of a special machine which confirms that they have done them in the correct way.


As noted by Alexander Zhukov, president of the Russian Olympic Committee, this move intends to show that "the Olympic Games are not just something that people watch on tv, but can inspire everyone to have a more sportive lifestyle". The "deep seats" are not, however, the only way to encourage the world to a healthier lifestyle. Other relevant activities include the conversion of the handles in the buses with exercise tools, but also to provide bikes to charge the mobile phones with the production of electricity.

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