Lady Gaga flies over the scene with her... "flying dress"

The unusual appearances of Lady Gaga are not something strange, however the dress which she was "wearing" a few days ago in New York is a little more extravagant with a hint of technological interest. The "flying dress" of the popular fashion icon made her fly (even over a small height over the scene) over the Brooklyn Navy Yard, thanks to its special construction, but also its supply of ... batteries.

Lady Gaga

The impressive structure looks like a "giant" AR Drone and includes a round base, a "pole" which is the main part of the dress and six cylinders connected together with propellers from carbon fiber that allow it to fly. For Lady Gaga is, essentially, a "vehicle" and not a dress, symbolizing... youth, while the operation was not carried out by her, but from a technical team.

It was designed by the Studio XO company in London and ... as it is making Lady Gaga to float above the ground, it is a good "rehearsal" for her appearance in space in 2015. Some people indicate that, if the technicians loose control and send her now in space, no one will miss her! What do you think?

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