Deborah Cohan is a woman from those who deserves 6 minutes from your time

What deserves publicity these days? If you turn on the TV, you will find out that many things that you watch, don't worth even a second from your time. The same happens to the various publications on the Internet ... If you have 6 minutes to spend, this video wοrths it... This is Deborah Cohan just before a difficult surgery operation for double mastectomy in Zion hospital of San Francisco.


She is facing it with positive attitude, energy and unparalleled strength by making all the staff of the operating room dancing, under the sound of a song of Beyonce. Deborah Cohan is the star in this video who wants in this way to show that everything difficult in life must be faced with positive thinking. Through the site of, she calls all the world to send its own video of dancing in order to keep her company during the recovery. "Nothing makes me better than seeing other people dance" says, Deborah Cohan while her video will go quickly "viral" and it is certainly a message of hope for all women who face a similar problem along with the whole world.

Watch the entire video.

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