When Sir Ian McKellen was presumed to be a beggar

It is known that Sir Ian McKellen is one of the most wonderful and cool people in the world. What we do not know however is that even if he is not dressed in white as Gandalf, he manages to make the world to make good gestures. Even if it is ... a misunderstanding.


McKellen is these days in Melbourne doing rehearsals for the premiere of the classic work of Samuel Beckett, Waiting for Godo. And it seems that the ragged clothes he is wearing for the needs of the role of Estragon, were so convincing, that while he was outside to get air seated on a bench, a passerby left a dollar in his hat. As he said, the coin is now in his dressing room and he thinks that it's lucky. McKellen wanted to reiterate this unexpected incident the next day, to see if his appearance is so convincing. It had to be much convincing because more strangers left some coins, while a photographer captured the scene.

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