Syfy channel is preparing the Beowulf TV series

Truth is that these days there's chaos happening in TV series, as more TV channels release information for more and more new tv series. A few days ago, we mentioned that the Ghost movie will go on the small screen and now the Syfy channel announced that its next project will be based on the classic Anglo-Saxon epic poem of Beowulf. Rumors indicate that the channel has hired the writer of the "1408" movie, Matt Greenberg, to transform the poem into a TV series.


The last time we saw Beowulf, was in the animation film of 2007 by Robert Zemeckis, starring Ray Winstone (The Departed), Angelina Jolie (Changeling) and Anthony Hopkins (Hannibal), where Beowulf had to fight the mythical creature Grendel, who terrorised cities and much later her even worse mother, who began to kill for revenge. However the poem has even more adventures of Beowulf, so Greenberg has enough material to work. We expect more information soon.

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