Liberation. A "visual shock" from a few days ago version (no pictures)

The French newspaper Liberation released a few days ago, November 14th, a version without photos, with the aim to highlight the strength and the importance of the image, at an era where the industry of the photographers is facing difficulties.


In a "visual shock", as it was described, which you can see in the pictures that we found on the Internet- the newspaper's articles do not include accompanying images, but in their place there is an empty box. "A muted newspaper" writes Brigitte Ollier at the site of Liberation, "A newspaper without sounds" ... The decision of the French journal to launch an issue without images overlaps with the opening of the Paris Photo exhibition a few days ago in the French capital. It also overlaps with the newspaper's announcment last week that it is expected to have annual losses between 1 and 1.5 million euros this year, due to the sharp drop in sales of the printed publications. Similar losses have also many newspapers around the world, with the industry of the photographers and photo journalists to be hit by the crisis.



Earlier this year, we wrote that the Chicago Sun Times had fired all the photo staff and educated its reporter to use ... their iPhones, while corresponding cuts have been made by other journals, such as Reuters or Atlanta Journal Constitution. At the end of the latest issue of Liberation there is a lounge with the missing images from articles, this time without the captions and the accompanying text.


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