How to get revenge from your ex-wife if you have lots of money

In an attempt to take revenge on his ex-wife, a (fabulously rich) man from Michigan, called Alan Markovitz, did something strange. He bought a house next to hers and placed a statue in the yard showing a hand with the middle finger raised so that she can see it all the time!


And as if this wasn't enough, to ensure that his ex-wife will be looking at the statue 24/7, he placed a light in front of it, which highlights it even at night.



A neighbor uploaded these photos on Twitter who has the "luck" to see it from her house. As for Alan, he is a eccentric type, owner of strip clubs in the region and author of a book. As it seems that his ex-wife cheated on him and moved home with her lover, two days after they broke up! According to him however, revenge is a dish served along with a statue like this ...


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