How much does a PS4 really cost?

IHS stripped PS4 and made a research (that was published by AllThingsD) on all the parts used by PS4, in order to calculate the total cost of the gaming console. According to their findings its $381 just $18 below the price it's being sold in the USA (399$).


Here it is:

  • AMD SoC: $100
  • 16 memory chips: $88
  • Seagate HDD: $37
  • Wireless Marvel and Skyworks chips + optical drive: $28
  • Dual Shock 4: $18

However Sony aims to gain profit through its games and from DualShock 4 that's being sold separately for 60$. Obviously there are more parts that combined together create the PS4, but these were the prices mentioned by AllThingsD.


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