Selfie. The word of the year by the Oxford Dictionaries

"Selfie". This is the word of 2013 in accordance with the Oxford Dictionaries. It refers to a photo that someone takes of himself (usually with a smartphone or a webcam) and uploads it in social media. In particular, the definition which you will find online is as follows.


In accordance with the relevant research from the authors of the Oxford Dictionaries, the use of the word "selfie" has increased by an incredible rate (17.000%) from the same period last year. Although the term was popular last year, the Oxford University Press has discovered that it was used for the first time back in 2002 in an Australian forum to describe a picture that had been taken by some people themselves after a hangover. The hashtags #selfie, however, made their appearances on Flickr two years later.



The word is not yet included in the Oxford English Dictionary, it is however in the online page of Oxford Dictionaries and is examined for her future inclusion. This is not the first time that the Internet, the technology and the social media find themselves "expressed" in one word of the year. Last year, USA had selected the word "GIF", while in 2005 it was the word "podcast".


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