The interactive video clip for "Like a Rolling Stone" by Bob Dylan

Since 1965, the iconic song by Bob Dylan, "Like a Rolling Stone", didn't have an official video clip. Now it has one in a great ceremony, and not only because we are talking about a simple video clip, but for a unique interactive inspiration which makes impression and of course raises the bar for others.


So imagine yourself sitting on the couch, opening the tv and seeing famous presenters, actors, singers, singing the well-known hit of Dylan, whichever channel you choose. This project is real thanks to an Israeli director, Vania Heymann, who made an amazing interactive clip.

In the video, we see 16 channels that mimic some cable television shows, from news and sports channels, to teleshopping. From our keyboard we can change channels and watch the characters "singing" the "Like a Rolling Stone", whether it's about two lovers of rom com from a movie channel or the odd rapper that appears in the music channel. It's like watching ourselves while changing channels like crazy, except that the song keeps playing ... But after a while, we preferred the channel 121 where Dylan himself was playing live the song from 1966. Enjoy this excellent work here.

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