IBM pays tribute to Benoit Mandelbrot and converts each tumblr page into a ... fractal party.

Wanting to honor the anniversary of birth of Benoit Mandelbrot, a mathematician who worked for IBM and has become known as the "father" of fractals, the company has created a site that converts each tumblr page into a series of fractal images with impressive effects!


Mandelbrot discovered the fractals 38 years ago and introduced the term to describe the fact that repeated complex shapes of nature are based on simple mathematical operations (the most famous fractal has been named in his honor).

You can enter the to place the tumblr site of your choice and see the very interesting effects. It's fun and you will love it, the most beautiful of all, however, is that in many cases, the resulting images are interactive, giving you the opportunity to adjust the appearance of the fractals, by moving your mouse on the screen. Awesome!


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