Apple acquired PrimeSense for 255 million euros

For those who do not know or have never heard of PrimeSense, it is a company from Israel which develops the technology of the 3D motion sensors, the same technology that is used in Microsoft Kinect and Xbox. It's a promising company that has attracted the interest of Apple since last summer, when the first rumours appeared of an impending takeover.


Now, a new report in the financial newspaper Calcalist says that the agreement between the two companies is real fact and the price to be paid by Apple in order to acquire PrimeSense riches up to 255 million euros or 345 million dollars. The technologies of PrimeSense, except from Kinect, appears in many applications and devices, such as the 3D scanner and Asus Xtion.

None of the two sides wanted to comment on the report, so at the moment there is nothing official. Where there is smoke, there is also fire, so it is more likely that the deal is "closed". What is Apple going to do with the technologies of PrimeSense is an issue which already bothers many analysts and experts. Certainly, the technology giant has a project in progress in which will use this technology, so let's prepare ourselves for many surprises in the distant future ...

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