Steve Ballmer in WSJ. "I resigned because I am a symbol of an old era"

In an interview to WSJ, Steve Ballmer referred to his decision to leave the position of CEO of Microsoft, but also the reasons which caused it... The intention of Ballmer to leave Microsoft in the next year became known in August and, as he explains now, was the pressure of the board of directors of the company, but also the knowledge of who he is that led to this decision.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer greets the audience before he delivers a speech at the 2012 Seoul Digital Forum in Seoul

"Perhaps I am a symbol of an old era and we have to go on" Ballmer says. "As much as I love what I do, the best way for Microsoft  to move to a new era is a new leader who will accelerate the changes". "I am a motif" Ballmer said, "at the end of the day we must break it", explains why he believes that Microsoft can change quickly without his presence...

And while the rumours about who will replace him, are becoming more and more intense, he declares that he has no particular plans for the next six months. He will stay at Microsoft as a director and he has also offers to teach in universities and even to become ... coach to his son's basketball team ...

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