Shadow Warrior review

Get ready for blood, more blood you've ever seen before! Don't forget your jacker because you are going to get a rain of blood and intestines in Shadow Warrior, a reboot of an old 3D Realms game - a company known from Duke Nukem. Well they didn't made this reboot, but Flying Wild Hog company and they're not going to disappoint you.


The story is based in Japan, with Lo Wang as the hero, a Chinese guy something between badass and douchebag - something like Mr. Chow from Hangover- who has been recruited by Zilla company to find the notorious sword Nobitsura Kage. You find yourself fighting demons along with the help of Hoji, a spirit who has granted you with immense powers to help you kill them all. Add a large dosage of humour in the game and you have Shadow Warrior before you.

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