ZTE plans to unveil its first smartphone in 2014

Well this good news for all of you out there who want an affordable high end smartwatch! According to the WSJ ZTE plans to unveil its own smartwatch by the second half of 2014.


Lu Qianhao is responsible for this statement, mentioning that ZTE Smartwatch will offer similar feature with Samsung's Galaxy Gear but at a really cheaper price, trying to gain access to more customers. The device will be announced during the first quarter of 2014 and it will hit stores during the second quarter but it will be originally available only in the Chinese market for the first months, until ZTE sees how it's going.

We still have no exact name on this device but one thing is for sure: it's gonna be compatible only with ZTE smartphones (just like Samsung does with its Galaxy Gear smart watch. According to Mr. Lu ZTE plans to unveil more smart watches in the distant future that will be compatible with other manufacturers as well.

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