XBOX One costs more than PS4!

OK obviously you didn't expect us to tell you that the XBOX One is more expensive to built than Sony's PS4. It's easy to tell since the first costs 500$ and the second 410$! But the same thing goes for the cost of their parts, especially after AllThingsD strikes again and this time checks the price of the parts of XBOX One, for us.


Well it looks like Microsoft's gaming console costs almost 471$ to the Redmond company (console, game controller and Kinect) or if you'd like to know, almost 90$ more than the cost of PS4. Here's how things are for XBOX One:

  • Kinect - $75
  • AMD micro processor - $110
  • RAM (DDR3) - $60
  • Game controller - $15
  • Power source - $25
  • Other components of the box - $10
  • Parts assembly - $14

With XBOX One being sold at about 499$ and given the fact that the stores must have some profit when selling each console, it's easy to tell that Microsoft will find it really hard to sell the gaming system with significant profit.

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