"Joffrey Baratheon" of GoT is thinking about leaving acting

Game of Thrones is the show that every young actor wishes to play because it can make him a star. Jack Gleeson, the 21-year-old actor who gives the role of the villain Joffrey Baratheon a rare quality, thinks exactly the opposite of having a long journey in the industry of television and cinema.


According to his statement, the lifestyle that comes with an actor in a successful TV show is something that doesn't attract him and he has serious considerations to leave acting after the end of the series. He knew from the start that we are talking about entertainment, but all changed and became too true. This statement is added to the previous that he made where he said that he wants to continue his studies, which is his priority than the career of an actor.

Gleeson became recently a member of the Goal group, which is trying to relieve Haiti after the terrible earthquake which took place in January 2010 and has flattened the country. As he said, he wants to use his "celebrity" image to highlight to the world all the humanitarian purposes that Goal supports.

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