A restaurant offers 50% discount if you turn off your mobile there

A restaurant owner in Israel, just outside Jerusalem, has made a move to save the gastronomic "culture", as he believes it should remain intact... He offers 50% discount to those who disable their phone, before sitting down to eat! Jawdat Ibrahim believes that smartphones have destroyed the contemporary gastronomic experience and he believes that this "generous" discount will return us back to a more "innocent" era, where the visit to a restaurant was synonymous to conversation and the enjoyment of a good meal, without being accompanied by web surfing, messaging or food photography to upload it on Instagram.

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Ibrahim is the owner of Abu Ghost, a well-known restaurant which is located in Abu Ghost, a place 10 kilometers outside Jerusalem. This area is known as a symbol of coexistence between Jews and Arabs, who invade his restaurant to savor the traditional delicacies, including the impressive hummus, for which he has also won a Guinness Award (for the largest portion in the world). He opened the restaurant in 1993 returning from Illinois, after he won a large amount of money in the lottery. As for the question of why he took the decision to make this large discount, he says:

"The technology is very good but exactly when someone is eating or being with friends or family, he can wait for half an hour (without it) and enjoy the food and his friends". He's got a point, don't you think?

He is not, however, the first to take such an offer, as well as other restaurants from time to time have thought to reward their customers for the non-use of their mobiles during the meal, such as Samer Korba, from Bedivere Eatery and Tabern in Beirut, that offer respectively 10% discount to those who will give their mobile phones to the waiter after their entry.

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