Eric Schmidt writes a transition guide from ... iPhone to Android

Have you made the great decision to "hop" from iPhone to Android? Eric Schmidt (yeah the Google guy) wants to help you. And so, he does not hesitate to publish to his Google+ profile a guide of 900 words about how you will do this!


"Many of my friends are leaving the ecosystem of Apple for Android" mentions the executive chairman of Google, since "the last high-end mobile phones from Samsung (Galaxy S4), Motorola (Verizon Droid Ultra) as well as Nexus 5 have larger monitors, are faster and have much more intuitive interface. It is an ideal Christmas gift for an iPhone user!"

Then, Schmidt gives instructions to those who make their first steps in Android, how to add a Google account on their device, import their contacts, synchronize their favorite music and transfer the contents of their SIM card from iPhone to Android! In the end, he does not hesitate to express his opinion for the ... web-browsers, noting: "Make sure you're using Chrome and not Safari. It is safer, better in many respects and it is free."

You can read the entire guide of Eric Schmidt here.


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