Now you can pay your ... space journey using Bitcoins

As announced by the company of Sir Richard Branson which prepares commercial flights in space, now you can pay the ticket ... using the new digital currency, Bitcoin. (This is a story that comes a day after the notification that a private university in Cyprus is the first recognized academic institution in the world which allows the payment of the enrolment fee in Bitcoins).


Branson writes about this issue in a related blog post, saying that a flight attendant from Hawaii has already purchased a ticket for a flight of Virgin Galactic in Bitcoins and hopes that "many more will follow her steps" soon. He continues, however, supporting the (controversial for some people) digital currency by saying "Bitcoins are not recognized formally by the governments as a currency, but with some adjustment I hope that they will become more widely accepted".

The first commercial flight of Virgin Galactic in space is scheduled for next August, having among the passengers, Richard Branson, his wife Holly and their son Sam. Although we haven't had any leaked names of the other passengers, rumors say that there are a few celebrities who have bought a ticket, including Kate Winslet and Ashton Kutcher. As for how much does a single flight cost, it's nothing more and nothing less than $250,000 or if you prefer the amount in ... Bitcoins, it's 329 in digital currency.

We will just sit here and enjoy the flights of Virgin Galactic only from the Internet.


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