The gadget what you wanted all your life (sic): an electronic lollipop

One of the "problems" that science is required to solve, while is trying to connect digital with our real life, is the digital transmission of flavor. How many times did you see the flow of your friends at Instagram, with all this foodporn what you would like to try? Some researchers from Singapore found the solution!


They developed a device that simulates the taste of bitter, sweet and salt with the use of electricity. And their first project is an electronic lollipop that simulates the taste of a real one, but without the sugar. This technology will allow you to "try out" what you see on the screen of your computer, smartphone or even tv, and apart from the fact that it will make even more intense the experience for the gamers, it will be designed to improve the life of the vulnerable groups of people, such as people with diabetes.

This technology that translates image data into taste, was named by the researchers, ToIP: Taste over Internet Protocol.

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