Instagram will soon support IM send-receive!

Instagram slowly adds features that make it more complete, such as the ability to film and upload video, the web profiles or the recent application for Windows Phone 8. Now, according to a report published by the popular site GigaOm, it prepares, for the next major upgrade, the ability to send and receive personal messages.


It seems that, by the end of the year, the new version will be available, which allows you to send and receive messages with a friend or in a group. This is a logical next step for Instagram (which now belongs to Facebook), as the online messaging is one of the most growing areas on the Internet and many related services, such as Snapchat, and has huge success. Facebook has shown particular interest, by launching recently a completely renewed Messenger application with additional capabilities, between them the sending and receiving SMS.

We don't know if the addition of Instagram relates to the recent failure of Facebook to buy Snapchat, but in any case we welcome it...

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