How did NSA managed to breach inti 50.000 networks? Using malware!

The revelations about the crazy action of NSA and the frenetic electronic monitoring throughout the world, with the documents given to publicity by Edward Snowden continues. A new presentation from a strain of NSA which was published in NRC Handelsblad, shows how NSA managed to breach in 50,000 networks around the world: using a malware that has the capacity to collect "sensitive" information.


This malicious software was distributed by the special group of NSA, Tailored Access Operations, and in accordance with the reports, NSA has the ability to turn it on and off from distance whenever they want to.

In accordance also with these reports on the activities of the TAO group of NSA and the Genie program, the aim of the agency is to breach into 85 thousand networks of interest throughout the world, until the end of 2013 and to collect sensitive information from them. In the presentation slide that you can see as a photo, Athens is confirmed, once again, as a regional center for the activities of NSA.

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