A tomato in space

How can a tomato be in space and in orbit while it's moving with speed of (on average) 7.66 kilometers per second?


There are two possibilities. The first is to be in the International Space Station. The second possibility is to be located in a spacecraft full of alien fresh tomatoes, which we do not know yet, but they prepare to conquer earth. Which do you prefer? Yes OK, you found it. The fresh and humble tomato that you see in the picture, was part of the Soyuz TMA-11M mission that reached the International Space Station two weeks ago, along with a few other fresh tomatoes. You see, in accordance with the astronaut Koichi Wataka and his tweet, a fresh tomato per day, for dinner, makes the astronauts happy.

For this reason, every time you see a humble tomato in the grocery store or on your table, look at it in a different perspective. It could be a space-tomato!

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