Winamp: the end of an era

Do you remember Winamp music player? If you have some (ok a few!) years in your back and your relation with internet began many years ago, if you had experienced the World Wide Web before Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you would certainly have used this media player, that for many of us is synonymous with our first years with the MP3 files and the music on the Internet.


"Winamp was a pioneer of the revolution of digital music and iTunes will not have been existed without the innovative work of its creators" says Michael Robertson, founder of and one of the first who have been involved with the online music industry. "The guys behind Winamp are pioneers that deserve a place in the "hall of fame" of music".

Winamp appeared for the first time in 1997 and it's a creation of two college boys as it usually happens in these cases. It soon became popular, as well as the MP3 files and their sharing via Internet became more mainstream, but soon the growing competition and also the arrival of the online music streaming services blocked its development in the market. The mother-company, Nullsoft, was acquired by AOL in 1999, with the last to decide now to write the end of the application on December 20th. This closure affects the website and Winamp media players. The only thing that will remain is our memories, from 15 years ago, when the Internet was quite different.

Watch a video with Justin Franke one of the developers who was behind Winamp talking about his creation.

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