AMC is trying to fill the gap of the Breaking Bad with two new tv series, Knifeman & Galyntine

We don't want to be in the shoes of the managers of AMC. They have to find the appropriate material to continue the huge success of the Breaking Bad and it's definitely not the easiest thing in the world. While Breaking Bad is over, Mad Men is reaching the end, the spin-off Better Call Saul to be prepared and Walking Dead to go through its fourth season, the channel is preparing new material because they can't do otherwise.


And here come Knifeman and Galyntine. The first tells the story of a surgeon who doesn't have license to perform surgeries in the 18th century and makes extra money by selling human organs to the people of London, a drama based on the biography of John Hunter, The Knife Man: Blood, Body Snatching and the Birth of Modern Surgery. As for the second, it is based on a "post-apocalyptic" scenario starring a group of people who are trying to survive and here it is worth noting that the executive producer is Ridley Scott.

Will these series be able to keep the channel's reputation high? We'll see...

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