Get Ready! On January 1st Sherlock returns... on BBC One #SherlockLives

In accordance with a tweet from BBC, the modern version of Sherlock with Benedict Cumberbatch which is very interesting, returns on January 1st on BBC with the first episode of the 3rd season.


If you are also one from those who believe that the months do not pass quickly since the last dramatic episode of Sherlock, save the date: January 1st. It's the air day of the episode "The Empty Hearse" and in essence, the return of Sherlock that we thought he was dead. The date of the new episode was announced by BBC, through a tweet:

The other two episodes of the season will be released on 5th and 12th of January and what we want to know is how did they manage to make everyone believe that Holmes was dead. According to his tweet

However, until the first day of January 2014 comes, follow the hashtag #SherlockLives on Twitter and enjoy the last teaser which BBC One unveiled a few days ago.


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