Black Friday in the United States means "madness". These are a few videos regarding the day

On "Black Friday", the consumer frenzy in America gets hot and this year could not be different from others, as far as the panic, the fights for the acquisition of certain products, but also more "special" situations that the panic created in shops across the United States, etc.


Once again, the videos on Youtube that show what happened in the shops, in the efforts of people to buy cheap online and not only are more than descriptive and indicative of the market sentiment. Below, you will find some amateur shots from incidents in Walmart stores, showing the "madness" that has prevailed for some cheap buys. And if the "famous" american store stated in a press release that was released, on the occasion of the Black Friday for the "better, faster and more secure" discount day ever, such videos tend to ... deny it.

Watch the following videos and reach your own conclusions.

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