Saul Berenson: The best mentor you could ever have

Saul Berenson reminds me of a professor. A mathematician... He seems shockingly assured about everything he is dealing with and he knows how to convince you that his way is the ultimate and the safest to reach the point. His confidence is amplified by his awesome smile with a well hidden arrogance/superiority. And he may look like a "professor", an understated man without bouts, however if you believe that he is soft, ask Javadi's nose, the Iranian terrorist, for what he can do if you challenge him.

Episode 201

Saul Berenson, this incredible beard of CIA who now, in the third season of the known tv series, leads the secret services, seems the best mentor that you want to have in your life. At university, at work, at school ... He looks very unflappable and when things get hard a simple grinding of the head with the thumb is enough to "unlock the chip" and find a plan. The following tasks which will be accomplished by his favorite, Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes), he urges her bold nature to the limits, "exploits" her and gives her credits with a simple tap on the back.

Picking up all the weight of the case of the series, which is  the moral gray zone where all is happening today in the fight against "terrorism", Saul (Μandy Patinkin), every time that things get hard, closes his lips and has the most lethal persistent look, that you think he will convert it/him/her into a salt column. It's one of the hottest television series of recent years, without any doubt. On the other hand, when he is hurt by the loneliness of the job, his unlikely "bear" view ( "bear" is his nickname) remains unchanged.

In the third season of Homeland, many complain about the disappearance of Nicholas Brody, stating that the tv series has virtually completed its cycle etc. I personally don't agrre. From the moment that this expressive beard exists with a look full of fire, all is cool.

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