World of Warcraft, the movie, delays its premiere

Truth is that the film of the World of Warcraft is one of the films that we are waiting with anxiety, so we will keep informing you with anything new about this. The news we have today however are not so good, as it became known that the film -a co-production between Universal and Legendary Pictures- is expected to come out in theaters in 2016.


A few time ago, Blizzard amazed everyone announcing a... released date, but it appears that the situation is not completely under control. Variety said that the film will be released on 11 March 2016 due to the premiere of Star Wars: Episode VII which is scheduled for 18 December 2015.

Note that, as we read in Polygon, the film of the World of Warcraft will focus both on the side of people and orcs as it will tell the story of two heroes, Lothar and Durotan. "Our goal is to explore the origins of Warcraft, to find out what it is and how came out" said Duncan Jones a few weeks ago during BlizzCon 2013.

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