The advertising spot of Microsoft that makes fun of Chrome OS

Microsoft continues vigorously the attack against the competition through advertising spots, with Google as the main target of course. The last advertising is about Chrome OS and Chromebooks, the laptops with the operating system of its big opponent, by diminishing their specs before the eyes of the viewers when compared with the Windows computers.


In the spot, a Microsoft employee asks a pawn shop owner to learn if a Chromebook that has in her hands worths something... The paid response received from the owner is that "if you're not online, it's essentially a brick".  In this way, Microsoft is trying to step on the 'always-online' character of the applications and the platform of Chrome OS, by presenting it as a major disadvantage.  It is not completely wright, however, as several apps of Chrome OS such as Google Docs, can be used offline too, while Google has given the necessary tools to the developers to make available offline some 3rd party apps.

Microsoft does not stop the attack here, as it has released several defamation products, mocking Google, including T-shirts and mugs with the phrase "Keep calm while we steal your data" and the chrome logo. Currently, Google does not seem to have a response to the challenges of Microsoft, but it is possible to witness a new war through media, like the one between Microsoft and Apple.

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