This is the end for the Akihabara Radio Store (photos)

After 64 years of continuous operation, the Akihabara Radio Store, the iconic "shopping center" on the Akihabara district of Tokyo, closes its doors to the public.


The Akihabara Radio Store and its nine stores in the area that describes the electronic sales in town like no other (and maybe all over the world), seems to be a victim of the competition on the market, but also of the low sales because of the reduced need of the consumers for DIY constructions. The message on the page of the shop says the following: "Akihabara continues to transform and through our desire for future development, we have decided to terminate our role coming from another era".



The Akihabara Radio Store opened its doors in 1949, when the small merchants who were selling electronics in the region have been forced to stop selling on the street, under the orders of the Allied Forces who were trying to reduce the black market. Ten of them re-opened their stores in this area, being the "pioneers" of the development of this separate area for electronic sales in the Japanese capital.


In the decades that followed, the "Electric Town" around them grew, becoming a real "state" for lovers of electronic devices. Nevertheless, the turn of the consumers in integrated products, as well as the transformation of the shops in the region, seem to have brought the end to the stores of the Radio Store. As we read, some of them will be closed completely, others will only be limited to online sales, while other will open again in a different location in Akihabara.



See more photos from the "symbolic" Akihabara Radio Store and the region in a very interesting tribute of  "The Verge" here.

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