Death from electric shock for an iPhone user in Thailand

The deaths in Asia from electric shock which are associated with a gadget are unfortunately quite a lot and now we have another related story about an iPhone 4S user. This time we have news about a 28-year old man from Thailand, who died from electric shock, with the authorities to conclude that he fell asleep on his phone, which was connected to the charger all night. It seems, in fact, that once again the incident did not involve the genuine charger of Apple, as it was a model in bright blue color from an independent manufacturer.

thai-iphone-charging-death (1)

Apple has investigated during the past similar cases in the Asian market and has taken some actions for the withdrawal and the replacement of all third-party accessories, which create problems in many cases. In the case of the unlucky man, perhaps a problem in the cable of the device or the household power supply is responsible, while it is unlikely the device to be responsible for this.


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